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Mar 20

Mary and Bob

Mary was fed up with Bob and his teenage ways. Was it too much to ask to keep his clothes off the floor and the trash cans emptied without constant reminders? Mary called up the stairs to Bob to let him know dinner was almost ready and asked him to come set the table. She …

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Nov 27

Apocalypse Now

Prompt: Pick five people from your fandoms who you’d want on your team during the apocalypse – zombie or otherwise. The apocalypse, we all think it’s coming yet no one knows how.  There are a number of ways people think it could happen. It could be biblical, complete with the four horsemen. It could be …

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Nov 20

If She Only Knew

She awoke to the sound of Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire” coming from the phone on her nightstand. She rolled over to check the number and saw it was unknown. She never answered unknown numbers. She heard the voicemail tone and decided to check it later. She rolled over, falling back to sleep. A couple …

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