Category: Just for Fun

Dec 10

11 Questions, 4 Answers

I was reading a friend’s blog the other day and she had a neat About Me post called 4 x 11. It’s eleven questions and you give four answers to each one. Most of the questions were pretty easy to answer, but there were two which required some thought. Trying to figure out 4 names …

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Dec 01

Sounds of the Seasons

When it comes to the holidays, I think I look forward to the music most of all. I love Christmas music! On November 1st, the iPod gets loaded up and the holiday tunes start playing. There are only a handful of songs I don’t care for, like “Christmas Wrapping” and anything by Spike Jones. My …

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Nov 27

Apocalypse Now

Prompt: Pick five people from your fandoms who you’d want on your team during the apocalypse – zombie or otherwise. The apocalypse, we all think it’s coming yet no one knows how.  There are a number of ways people think it could happen. It could be biblical, complete with the four horsemen. It could be …

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