Apr 07

Nothing and Everything


I am nothing. The deep abyss under your bed. I lie in corners like a prowler in the shadows. I am the shadows. I am empty. The bleakness calling out to the sun. I am always there, but I hide when you turn on the lights. An unlit pixel. Absent. Lonely. Waiting for the waves to find me.


I am everything. A melting pot. A swirling puddle of Crayolas. I am deep. Bold. Powerful. Commanding. Impenetrable. I can invoke rage and hate. I can also stimulate and inspire. I am a mathematical equation, my sum can only be calculated if you have all the parts. Without all parts, I do not exist.





Editor’s Note: This was an assignment for a writing class I am taking. The assignment was to choose a color and describe it using a first person point of view. Piece could not be longer than 250 words. The color I chose was black.

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