Nov 01

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to The Land of Starry Nights! My name is April Baker and I am the owner and sole contributor to this website.

When I initially started this website, I had hopes of being a professional blogger. I wanted to have sponsors, do reviews, run ads, and do all the things professional bloggers did. Over time I found it just wasn’t me. I didn’t want to work with other people’s deadlines. I didn’t want to answer to sponsors. I just want to write and take photographs. So, I decided to wipe the slate clean and do things my way.

On The Land of Starry Nights you will find:

  • Stories, both creative and non-fiction
  • Photographs, maybe even a series or two
  • Artwork, as I get back into my art I’ll be sharing it here
  • And maybe some other stuff as time goes by

There will be no ads, reviews, tutorials, sponsored content, or things I’m not passionate about. It’ll just be me and my words. And I hope my words will inspire, move, or at least make you feel something. After all, that is all a writer can hope for… people to feel something about their words.

If you are a new guest, welcome. I hope you will join in on the conversations and I look forward learning more about you as I learn more about myself.

If you are a returning guest, hello old friend. I look forward to getting reconnected with you. I hope you like the changes I have made and enjoy all the stories I plan to share.


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