Jul 25

30 Week Challenge: Week 17 – A Photo of Your Family

This week’s challenge is to post a current photo of your family. The most current photo I have was taken at my father’s retirement party, which was held in February of this year. 


From L to R: me, mom, dad, brother, and soon to be sister-in-law

This September is my brother’s wedding, so I’m hoping we get to take a really nice portrait of us all.


Jul 18

30 Week Challenge: Week 16 – Favorite Food

My yummy candy stash.

My yummy candy stash.

When it comes to the topic of food, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with it. Growing up I was a fairly picky eater because of taste and texture. As an adult, my limited diet has more to do with digestive disorders rather than just not wanting to eat certain things. See, I have Crohn’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), both conditions of the digestive system. And these conditions make eating not fun. I could eat something one day and be fine. The next day, I could be doubled over in pain. Thankfully, my doctors and I seem to have gotten the Crohn’s in check a bit, but the IBS is still running amuck. I eat what I can, when I can and hope for the best. But that’s not really the point of this week’s challenge, is it? Let’s get on to my favorite food. Despite the issues, there are a number of foods that I do love and that don’t seem to trigger an episode. 

Here is a list of my favorite foods:

  • Pizza – I love a good slice of extra cheese pizza. No other toppings needed.
Mario the Baker's Extra Cheese Pizza for the win!

Mario the Baker’s Extra Cheese Pizza for the win!

  • Filet Mignon – cooked medium and served with corn on the cob and a baked potato with lots butter
  • Candy – Fruit flavored candy is one of the few things I can snack on that doesn’t kill my system. Candies like lollipops, Nerds, fruit Mentos, and Jolly Ranchers. But I’m picky about my flavors, I love cherry, strawberry, grape… but despise watermelon and green apple. A plus side to all the candy, is it helps a lot with the constant nauseousness I feel. And it’s a quick pick me up, since I don’t drink anything with caffeine.
  • Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla – As long as it’s simple, just chicken and cheese, I’m a happy camper. I love simple tacos and nachos too. Since I tend to leave off the peppers, salsa, onions, and other things that might be too spicy, I never have an issue.

There you have it, some of the foods I love to eat… and ones that love me back!


Jul 11

30 Week Challenge: Week 15 – Celebrity Crush

It’s Friday, you know what that means! Time for another 30 week challenge! This week’s topic is a fun one, your celebrity crush! It’s also a very easy one for me, because the answer is Tom Hiddleston. 

If you aren’t familiar with Tim Hiddleston, he is a British actor best known for his role as Loki in Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and The Avengers. But he is so much more than Loki.  He’s a brilliant Shakespearian actor, wonderful with his fans, and he can bust a move! Here are some of the reason’s why he is awesome:



Oqa2AQt Tom-Hiddleston-tom-hiddleston-33874081-487-720

Matt Smith and David Tennant © BBC America

Matt Smith and David Tennant

Ian Somerhalder ©Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder

Besides Hiddleston, I also have a small thing for David Tennant, known for his work as the 10th Doctor on Doctor Who, and Matt Smith, best know for playing the 11th Doctor.  And if you noticed a pattern, your right, I adore actors from the United Kingdom. Something about their accents, their looks, their talent that really catches my eye. As for Americans, only one person comes to mind and that’s Ian Somerhalder from Lost and The Vampire Diaries. His eyes alone could make a woman swoon. And bonus, he’s a cat person!

If you can’t tell, I like my men tall with dark hair and an accent. Who is your celebrity crush?


May 02

30 Week Challenge: Week 5 – Favorite Quotes

This week’s challenge is a good one, it’s all about favorite quotes. There is only one quote that I need in my life:

The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant.

-The Doctor

This quote comes from the “Vincent and the Doctor’ episode of the TV show Doctor Who. In the episode, the Doctor works with Vincent Van Gogh to defeat an alien who is terrorizing Van Gogh’s town. The Doctor says these lines to Amy Pond after their visit with Van Gogh when she realizes their visit with him hasn’t made much of a change in his life.

© BBC America

© BBC America

Like myself, Van Gogh was thought to be bipolar, causing him to try and take his own life at the age of 37. Amy thought having spent time with Vincent would have caused him to change his outlook on life and not end it as history states, but she was wrong. The Doctor says these words to comfort her. 

To me, this quote is a sign of hope. The world is full of ups and downs, and if you let the downs pile up you can’t see the good. Always keep your eye on the good and forget the bad. Also, use your time on Earth to add things to other people’s good piles. While Amy and the Doctor didn’t manage to fully tip Van Gogh’s scale, something you do to another could tip theirs. Be the good you want to see and you never know what life you could save.


Apr 22

A Tale Dark & Grimm Review

© Dutton Juvenile

© Dutton Juvenile

A Tale Dark & Grimm
by Adam Gidwitz

Once upon a time there was a book that retold the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. It’s a very dark and twisted version of the story, complete with gore, disturbing plot twists, and the product of a deeply disturbed mind.

I had high hopes for this book when I first added it to my must read list, mostly because I love stories of twisted fairy tales. And for the most part the story lived up to my expectations. While the overall story was good, there is a big part of the book I didn’t like. The author’s commentary. During the book the author interrupts the story to either warn you about what is coming or to explain something. I found this very annoying and unnecessary. Okay, we get it, the story is not one to read to little or sensitive kids. But you don’t need to keep repeating it, even if  you are doing it in a playful manner.

Here is a sample, the bolded parts are the author’s commentary so you can see what I mean:

Once upon a time, in a kingdom called Grimm an old king lay on his deathbed. He was Hansel and Gretel’s grandfather – but he didn’t know that, for neither Hansel nor Gretel had been born yet.

Now hold on a minute.

I know what you’re thinking.

I am well aware that nobody wants to hear a story that happens before the main characters show up. Stories like that are boring, because they all end exactly the same way. With the main characters showing up

But don’t worry. This story is like no story you’ve ever heard.

You see, Hansel and Gretel don’t just show up at the end of this story.

They show up.

And then they get their heads cut off.


Just thought you’d like to know.

The old king knew he was soon to pass from this world, and so he called for his oldest and most faithful servant. The servant’s name was Johannes; but he had served the king’s father, and his father’s father, and his father’s father’s father so loyally that all called him Faithful Johannes.

Johannes tottered in on bowed legs, heaving his crooked back step by step and leering with his one good eye. His long nose sniffed at the air. His mouth puckered around to rotten teeth. But, despite his grotesque appearance, when he cam within view, the old king smiled and said, “Ah, Johannes!” and drew him near.

The king’s voice was weak as he said, “I am soon to die. But before I go, you must promise me two things. First, promise that you will be as faithful to my young son as you have been to me.”

Without hesitation, Johannes promised.

This was the first 2 pages of A Tale Dark & Grimm, and we’ve already been hinted at things to come. Gidwitz does this throughout the 251 pages of the story. It got to the point were I started to skip over the commentary just so I could enjoy the main story.

As for the rating, if I was to rate on just the fairy tale it gets 4 stars. The commentary gets 2 stars. So I’ll take the middle ground and give the book 3 stars.

Overall Review: ★★★☆☆


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